51100 series thrust ball bearing

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Product type and model:Thrust ball bearing belongs to the flat base pad type

dimension: Inner hole: 10-240mm

High quality material:Material: chromium steel, high carbon steel can be customized

Product characteristics: High axial load capacity, stable rotation, low noise

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Thrust ball bearing has the characteristics of high axial load capacity and high rotation accuracy, so it is widely used in the following fields:

1. Generator: Thrust ball bearings are widely used in generator rotating bearings, which can withstand higher axial load and provide excellent rotation accuracy and durability.

 2. Ships: Thrust ball bearings are also widely used in ship propeller systems, which can withstand a large amount of axial load and rotating torque, providing high reliability and stability.

3. Construction machinery: thrust ball bearings are also very common in the field of construction machinery, such as used in the walking system and steering system of excavator, loader, bulldozer and other large equipment.

4. Automotive: In automotive, thrust ball bearings are commonly used in key components such as transmissions, drive shafts and differentials.

 5. Mining and metallurgy: thrust ball bearings are also widely used in mining and metallurgical equipment, such as mine elevator, steel mill and so on.

 In short, thrust ball bearings have a wide range of applications in rotary bearings of heavy machinery and equipment, and are indispensable components for occasions requiring axial load capacity and rotary accuracy

Other services

Detailed technical details, selection guidelines, more packaging quantity, overall replacement repair kit, new product development, multiple types of products, appropriate supply quantity and frequency, Can be customized for your machine and market. We can also provide you with brands (such as NSK, FAG,NTN, etc.)

ore packaging uantity and frequency, Can (2)
ore packaging uantity and frequency, Can (1)

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