High-Quality UCP204 Bearing Housing From A Chinese Manufacturer

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High quality material: - material:Chrome steel, Solid cast iron housing, Solid cast iron housing, Resistance to deformation under heavy loads.

Product characteristics: - Compact structure, reliable sealing, easy handling.

Widely used: - Agriculture, textile, mining, metallurgy, industry, transportation machinery and other fields

Other services:Detailed technical details, Selection guide, more packaging quantity, overall replacement repair kit, new product development, multiple types of products, appropriate supply quantity and frequency, Can be customized for your machine and market.

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Commonly used seats are stand seat (P), square seat (F), convex square seat (FS), convex round seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), ring seat (C), slide block seat (T), etc.

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KSZC Bearings is a trusted supplier of industrial parts with more than 6 years of experience. Our reliable bearings and industrial products enable manufacturers to create products.

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Product Introduction

Our UCP, UCF and UCFL series of mounted bearings are ISO certified and are ideal for most industrial applications. In addition, each mounted bearing is extensively tested to ensure maximum efficiency. These high quality mounted bearings have a strong cast iron housing to prevent vibration.

Repairmen and mechanics rely on our bearings with seats to do the job. We have designed high quality, ultra-durable bearings that do not fail under static and dynamic pressures. Bearing with seat is suitable for assembly products.

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