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These bearings are characterized by their cylindrical shape and rollers that are arranged perpendicular to the axis of rotation. The rollers are guided by raceway surfaces on the inner and outer rings, enabling them to withstand both radial and axial loads. With this unique design, our cylindrical roller bearings can achieve high speeds and precise movements, making them ideal for use in heavy-duty applications such as machine tools, construction equipment, and automotive systems:

1. Single row cylindrical roller bearings: NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF and other series.

2. Double row cylindrical roller bearings: NN, NNU, NNF, NNCL and other series.

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Cylindrical roller bearings have the characteristics of high load-bearing capacity, high rotational speed, good stiffness, wear resistance, and long service life, and are widely used in mechanical equipment, especially in heavy load, high rotational speed, or high vibration and impact conditions. The following are the application ranges of cylindrical roller bearings:

1. Metallurgical machinery: rolling mills, cold rolling mills, hot rolling mills, casting machinery, etc.

2. Construction machinery: excavators, loaders, cranes, bulldozers, etc.

3. Electric machinery: hydro generators, wind turbines, steam turbines, transformers, etc.

4. Petroleum machinery: oil pump, oilfield drilling rig, oil rig, etc.

5. Railway machinery: high-speed trains, urban rail transit, subways, etc.

6. Automobile manufacturing: transmission, rear axle, steering gear, engine, etc.

7. Processing of bearing accessories: bearing covers, jackets, bearing seats, bearing liners, etc.

8. Others: food machinery, textile machinery, pipeline machinery, etc.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate model, size, and quality level of cylindrical roller bearings based on the usage scenario and requirements.

About Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are an essential mechanical component used in many industries. They are well-known for their ability to withstand greater radial load compared to other types of bearings. This feature makes them ideal for high-speed applications where durability is paramount. Cylindrical roller bearings can also sustain axial loads that act in one direction and are separable, making them easy to install and remove.

With their ability to handle high radial loads, cylindrical roller bearings offer superior performance in harsh environments. Combined with their high fatigue resistance and excellent speed capabilities, they are often used in heavy-duty applications, such as motors, pumps, air compressors, and gear reducers. These bearings are also capable of generating low friction, which translates to improved efficiency and longer service life. Their ability to tolerate high temperatures, shock, and vibration also makes them perfect for harsh operating conditions.

Cylindrical roller bearings come in varying structures, including single row, double row, and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings. Each structure offers different load carrying capacities, radial stiffness, and axial stiffness. These bearings can be customized to meet specific application requirements with the correct structure chosen, leading to better performance and longer life.

Lastly, cylindrical roller bearings come in different accuracy classes, with PO being the least accurate and P2 being the most precise. By upgrading the accuracy class, it is possible to achieve tighter tolerances, resulting in fewer bearing failures, less wear, and ultimately improved performance.

In summary, cylindrical roller bearings are incredible mechanical components that can handle high radial loads, axial loads in one direction, and have excellent speed capabilities. They are versatile and customizable, making them suitable for various applications from heavy-duty to high-speed applications. With varying structures and accuracy classes, these bearings can be customized to meet specific application requirements, ensuring that the desired performance is achieved.

Cylindrical roller bearing are of high load capacity and can operate at high speeds because they use rollers as their rolling elements. They can therefore be used in applications involving heavy radial and impact loading.


Product Introduction

The rollers are cylindrical in shape and crowned at the end in order to reduce the stress concentrations. They are also suitable for applications that require high speed because the rollers are guided by ribs which are either on the outer or inner ring.

There are different types designated NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF for single-row bearings,and NNU, NN for double-row bearings depending on the design or absence of side ribs. 

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