PFT200 series housing pressed steel bearing housing

Short Description:

Spherical ball bearing with seat

Insert ball bearing (chrome steel and stainless steel material)

UC、UB、UD、UK、UEL、SA、SB、SER、UCX 200 and 300 series

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Material of housing

Pressed steel The stamping shell is made of high quality carbon structural steel plate, which is suitable for small space, medium and low speed and light load occasions. It combines SA, SB and other series bearings and stamped bearing seats.

Widely used :Widely used in food machinery, pharmaceutical, conveying system, printing and dyeing machinery, photo and film and other fields.

Other services: Detailed technical details, selection guidelines, more packaging quantity, overall replacement repair package, new product development, multiple types of products, appropriate supply quantity and frequency, can be customized for your machine and the market.


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