The 3rd China Wuxi International Bearing Conference and Exhibition will be held in Wuxi on September 15th

With the continuous improvement of China’s economic level and technological progress, users have higher requirements for the accuracy, performance, types, and other aspects of bearing products, and the market demand for high-end bearings is also increasing. The bearing track continues to deepen and meet the true needs of consumers, with increasingly diversified category segmentation, accelerating the further expansion of the entire bearing market space, and ushering in new development opportunities for the 100 billion yuan bearing track.

Taking this opportunity, the “2023 Third China Wuxi International Bearing Conference&Exhibition” jointly sponsored by Jiangsu Bearing Industry Association, Sinosteel Zhengzhou Product Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Delta International Convention&Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd. will be held in the Taihu Lake International Expo Center on September 15-17, 2023. The exhibition covers an exhibition area of 30000 square meters and is expected to attract over 400 enterprises. At that time, industry elites and professional buyers from countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and China will gather together. The three-day Wuxi International Bearing Exhibition will be the best platform for industry professionals to expand business opportunities and exchange technology!

The third Wuxi International Bearing Exhibition can be described as a gathering of high-quality products, with many exhibitors bringing advanced products to showcase, including bearings and related components; Special bearings and components; Production and related equipment; Inspection, measurement, and testing equipment; Machine tool auxiliary equipment, machine tool accessories, CNC system, lubrication and rust prevention materials, etc. The exhibition site has a complete range of products and everything!

The Taihu Lake Bearing Exhibition is based in East China, radiates across the country, and faces overseas. It has always been committed to serving the majority of bearing enterprises, insisting on building an efficient supply and demand docking display platform for all exhibitors and visitors, and further promoting the development of the industry. Since its inception, the exhibition has received recognition and support from a wide range of exhibitors. The exhibition scale continues to expand and the investment effect is good; Having a large professional audience and achieving precise promotion; The on-site transaction volume is constantly increasing, and the exhibition’s cost-effectiveness is high All kinds of advantages make the Taihu Lake Bearing Exhibition the best choice for countless enterprises to display products and promote brands. With the relaxation of epidemic control, the demand for procurement in the bearing market continues to emerge, and the development situation is bright.

The organizing committee will vigorously invite domestic and foreign distributors, agents, and professional users to visit the exhibition site for guidance. Professional visitors will include automobile industry, motorcycle industry, aviation and space industry industry, shipbuilding industry, railway manufacturing, electronic information industry, power generation industry, mold manufacturing and steel industry, construction and agricultural machinery industry, metallurgy, steel, mining, crane, transportation, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, light industry, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, packaging, printing, rubber and plastic, construction, building materials, textile equipment industry and other enterprises Research institutes, design units, technical equipment manufacturers, industry operators, overseas traders, and other related professional clients.

Wuxi is one of the important advanced manufacturing bases in China, with a solid foundation and a complete range of manufacturing systems. Relying on the Taihu Lake’s strong market advantage and solid manufacturing foundation, Wuxi Taihu Bearing Exhibition will try its best to create the largest exhibition benefits for exhibitors. Through exhibitions, enterprises can save manpower and material resources, showcase products and technologies, expand channels, promote sales, spread brands, expand influence, and reach out to potential customers at low costs, thereby improving order turnover rates.

The third Wuxi International Bearing Exhibition in 2023 will make a new and larger grand appearance, gathering advanced products from the industry, showcasing cutting-edge technology, and striving to create a grand event for the bearing industry! September 15-17, the Taihu Lake International Expo Center (No. 88, Qingshu Road), Wuxi, please wait!

As of now, booth bookings are very popular, and many high-quality enterprises have confirmed their participation. Interested companies are better off taking action and seizing the opportunity to secure a gold booth. We sincerely invite industry professionals to gather in Wuxi and participate in the grand event together!

Post time: May-17-2023