Reliability of Domestic KSZC Bearings Affirmed in Dredger Ladder Pump Retrofit

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It was reported that a Chinese inland dredger recently completed an overhaul while continuing to use domestic KSZC bearings for its ladder pump, affirming the reliability of the homegrown bearings.

Previously, the dredger owner conducted side-by-side testing of KSZC and imported bearings on the same dredger from May 2022 to May 2023. Results showed that under challenging inland river conditions, the reliability and wear performance of KSZC bearings were comparable to imported alternatives, fully meeting operational requirements.

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During this retrofit, large double-flanged split KSZC bearings were kept in place on two 6-inch ladder pump shafts. Industry experts pointed out that through continuous improvements, KSZC bearings can now completely replace imports, significantly reducing procurement and maintenance costs.

Looking ahead, guided by the spirit of self-reliance, KSZC will continue increasing R&D investment to further enhance product performance and reliability. This will aid domestic bearing brand building and enable KSZC to drive industry progress, helping Chinese bearings gain a foothold in the global market.

The industry looks forward to seeing KSZC bearings and other domestic brands realize their potential through industrious effort. With an unrelenting focus on quality and performance benchmarks, China’s bearing industry can gain global competitiveness and reputation.

Post time: Nov-09-2023