China achieves 90% self-sufficiency rate for high-speed train bearings

Beijing (Reporter Wang Li) – According to China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry Corporation (CNR), bearings for China’s Fuxing high-speed trains have achieved a 90% self-sufficiency rate. This means the core technology for manufacturing bearings, a crucial component, is now self-controlled in China, significantly reducing external reliance.

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The bearings were jointly developed and produced by CNR’s bearing subsidiary and CRRC Corporation Limited. With extremely high requirements on performance to ensure safety, these bearings have passed rigorous testing beyond international standards. Various key performance indicators all reached international advanced level.

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Experts say bearings are the “heart” of high-speed trains. The increased self-sufficiency rate will minimize supply chain risks and better ensure indigenous development of China’s high-speed rail. Next step is to continue enhancing innovation on core components, with the goal of achieving self-reliance for more core technologies.

Post time: Oct-08-2023