Bearings need attention during storage

Whether it is a bearing manufacturer or a bearing agent sales company have their own offline storage warehouse, the correct storage is crucial to the entire life cycle of the bearing, if the bearing is improperly stored, it will have a certain adverse effect on the operating performance of the equipment, especially sealed bearings, then we need to pay attention to what matters when storing bearings  


1, temperature and humidity: temperature and humidity are important factors, bearing can not suffer from too high temperature or humid conditions. The best storage temperature is between 20°C and 25°C, and the relative humidity should be below 65%. Therefore, the bearing storage place should be a dry, ventilated, sunshade place.


2, ensure cleanliness: bearings should be stored in a clean, no dust or other debris warehouse, which can avoid bearing surface damage due to dust and other pollution. In the storage process, try to put it on the shelf, should not be placed on the ground, so as not to be contaminated


3.Packaging: Try to store the bearing in the original packaging until installation, if the packaging pay attention to sealing, avoid dust and foreign matter into, but also to prevent contact with moisture and corrosive gases in the air.


4.Different types and sizes of bearings should be stored separately to avoid confusion and facilitate quick access.


5, periodic inspection: in the storage process, the quality and condition of the bearings should be regularly checked to check the condition of the anti-rust oil used to protect them. This can be done when inventory is taken so that storage conditions can be changed or adjusted in time


in short, the storage of bearings should be kept dry, clean, light, ventilated, avoid extrusion, and maintain the correct storage method to ensure its safety and extend its service life.

Post time: Sep-08-2023